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Patexia Profile Settings

To configure your profile, create a Patexia account and log in using your credentials. For details on creating an account, refer to the section Creating a Patexia Account.

To view your profile settings:

  1. Visit the Patexia website.
  2. Select Login and then enter your credentials as follows:
    • Enter your email and password. or
    • Select a LinkedIn, Google, or Facebook account to log in using social media. 
  3. In the top right corner of the page, select the Profile icon and choose one of the following options:
Patexia Profile Settings
My DashboardSelect to view your user dashboard 
My ProfileSelect to update and personalize your profile to make the most out of your Patexia experience. 
SettingsSelect to gain access to a range of customization options for your Patexia account. 
LogoutSelect to log out
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