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Litigation Tabs Switchers

Each litigation tab provides various switchers that allow you to customize your data view. You can adjust the data type, timeline, and entity role, including overall, plaintiff (Complainant, Appellant, Petitioner), and defendant (Respondent, Appellee, Patent Owner) perspectives. These switchers offer flexibility and customization for a more detailed analysis of the litigation information. 

To select a specific role for the entity, other than the default “Overall,” choose from options like Plaintiff (Complainant, Appellant, Petitioner) or Defendant (Respondent, Appellee, Patent Owner). This selection will provide you with detailed information for the specified time range.

To focus on a particular data type, select Overview, Analytics, or Proceedings List.

To filter the details by a specific time range, select either of the options:

  • Last 5 years
  • Last 12 months
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