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Trademarks Tab Charts and Data


This section pertains to Trademark Prosecution before the USPTO, in which the entity has been involved. The practice encompasses the legal interactions that occur during the application and examination of a trademark.

Trademarks details

Applications Number of trademark applications filed by this entity
Registered Number of trademarks that are registered for this entity
PendencyAverage duration of time for which the entity’s trademark applications remained pending
Office ActionsNumber of office actions filed by the examining attorney for this entity’s applications
Opposition Number of oppositions that the entity dealt with (received) during trademark prosecutions
ExtensionsNumber of extensions requested by the entity to the USPTO
Activity & Performance (Overall, Plaintiff, Defendant)Please see the section Activity & Performance (Ranking and Score).
TrademarksDistributionTrademarks issued per year or per month by category: foreign or domestic.
Status Number of trademarks issued per year or per month: registered, abandoned, or pending.
Note: This information is available under the Subscription-Only plan. For details on the subscription process, refer to the section Getting Started with Patexia Concierge.
Professional EcosystemClientsTop 5 clients the entity has worked with on trademark prosecutions.
CountriesTop 5 countries for the entity’s trademark origins.
TeammatesTop 5 colleagues with whom they have collaborated.
Law FirmsTop 5 law firms with whom they have collaborated.
AttorneysTop 5 attorneys with whom they have collaborated 
Trademark ListThe table shows trademark applications filed by the entity.It provides important details related to trademark applications, including the filing date, registration number, registration date, and title.
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