Patexia Releases Sixth Annual Patent Intelligence Report and Rankings

Release DateMarch 28, 2024
LocationSanta Monica, CA

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Patexia Releases Sixth Annual Patent Intelligence Report and Rankings

Patexia’s 2024 Patent Intelligence Report offers a range of statistics, revenue data, expenses, and comprehensive analysis, along with the evaluation and rankings of all stakeholders involved in patent prosecution, including attorneys and agents. 

Santa Monica, CA (March 28, 2024): Today, Patexia, Inc., a leader in patent research and analysis, is proud to announce the release of our sixth annual Patent Intelligence Report as part of its Patexia Insights series. This report offers valuable insights into the evolving patent landscape, providing stakeholders with crucial information to make informed decisions.

Our report extensively covers a variety of statistics analyzing different aspects of the patent landscape. It includes data on patent application types, technology centers, time to grant patents, filing and issuance trends, high-tech and biotech activity, foreign countries and companies’ involvement, as well as innovative cities and states across the US. 

We take pride in our innovative approach to ranking law firms, companies, and attorneys based on their involvement in patent prosecution. Through careful analysis and evaluation, we offer insights that shed light on the performance and activity levels of these entities. Our methodology, detailed here, considers a range of metrics to ensure an exhaustive assessment. 

Key Findings from the 2024 Patent Intelligence Report:

  • A total of 2,304,480 patent applications were processed between January 1, 2019, and December 31, 2023
  • Among these applications, 1,882,495 patents were granted
  • The issued patents collectively comprised 28,303,343 claims 
  • 140,355 entities were actively engaged in the patent landscape
  • 3,277 firms served as representatives for these entities
  • 28,843 patent attorneys and agents were actively involved in patent prosecution 

In addition, we have provided a comprehensive Excel file containing rankings and scores, as well as all useful metrics about the top 2,000 attorneys, companies, and law firms, including:

  • The estimated 5-year patent revenue generated by attorneys/agents and patent firms
  • The estimated 5-year spending on US patent prosecution by corporations including the law firm fees, the USPTO fees, and the US patent portfolio maintenance
  • The top three clients for each of the attorneys/agents and law firms as well as the volume of work handled for each
  • The top three law firms handling patent prosecution for each of the corporations and the volume of work handled by each firm
  • Lateral moves occurring among the top 2,000 most active attorneys
  • Top 50 companies and firms based on their growth or decline in the number of patents issued in 2023 compared to 2022 

Pedram Sameni, the company’s CEO relayed the following: “This report represents the culmination of years of dedication to providing insights into the ever-evolving patent landscape. At Patexia, we are committed to leveraging cutting-edge data analysis techniques to empower our clients with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions in the complex world of patent prosecution. We believe that this report will be an indispensable resource for businesses, attorneys, and innovators seeking to handle efficiently their patent prosecution practice and gain a deeper understanding of their business competition”. He further added: “We’re continually exploring ways to enhance our analysis methodologies and extract even deeper insights from patent applications. By refining our ranking methodology to include these additional metrics, we aim to provide an even clearer understanding of patent prosecution trends and empower our clients to make strategic decisions with confidence”. 

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